WENJUE LU: Selected Poetic Transfigurations

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Opening Reception: Feb 19th, 2022, 3 pm - 8 pm

Location: 64A Bayard Street, New York NY 10013

Hours: Tue. - Sat. 11 am- 5 pm, Sun. 12 am - 5 pm, by appointment only. 

Artists: Wenjue Lu

LATITUDE Gallery is pleased to announce Solo Exhibition Selected Poetic Transfigurations by artist and designer Wenjue Lu opens this Saturday afternoon at our Manhattan location.

A homochromatic multi-medium album of works that emphasizes and highlights hands-on craftsmanship and natural materials. Featuring soft sculpture, textiles, clothing, still objects, furniture, and more, the selected body of works serves as the blending of words and rhetorical devices in poetry.

In this exhibition, Wenjue Lu brings forth a homochromatic multi-medium album of works that come together to convey a poem-like state of being; filtered through Wenjue’s emphasis on hands-on craftsmanship and natural materials, the selected body of works serves as the blending of words and rhetorical devices in poetry. Consisting of clothing, sculptures, framed works, and more, this exhibition allows its participants to venture into the living poem written by Wenjue. In consciously reconfiguring and recreating talismanic creatures and commercialized objects to express a state of inner peace that is not too far off from Zen ideology, Wenjue Lu’s works seek to resonate with its viewers’ capability for extracting elegance from the disguised simplicity, emphasizing the effort behind the effortless presentation of the nuances within. Using fabrics as her language, Like a poem, Wenjue simultaneously composes and reimagines tangible objects and intangible feelings into the garment she designs, the soft sculptures she handcrafts, into every stitch of her work.

Born in Beijing and now based in New York, Wenjue Lu studied and obtained her undergraduate degree at Parsons School of Design. Insisting on design and craft on a hands-on basis, she focuses on the possibilities of the naturally-colored fabric, especially on the different shades and textures of white, while infusing her ongoing exploration of her philosophy of life born within the process into the creations. 

For Wenjue, creating is “just like writing a poem”, it can be abstract or figurative, truthful or paradoxical, macroscopic or microscopic, modern or ancient, it can fill itself with memories or imaginations, and it can convey emotions on its own terms. You can submerge in it, hide behind it... Each element adopted in a word or sentence can be a thousand rhetorical devices, along with different tonal rhythms, interlaced, woven together, echoing one another within the contexts. In Wenjue’s words: “The poem inside you, that is, your own feelings about the image I provide, they are also you. What you see and think about me, your eyes and my eyes, your thoughts and my thoughts, in the poem everything is one.”