Re-cyborg Art History: Physical for Digital: Ting Song

June 17 - July 8, 2022
Press Release

LATITUDE Gallery brings a fiery encryption art to this city built with human-labor and digital computing power this June throughout NFT NYC joining hands with Crypto emerging Artist - Ting Song.


This is the second collaboration between Artist Ting Song and LATITUDE Gallery New York. The physical NFT solo exhibition Re-cyborg Art History: Physical for Digital will be open to the public from June 17th to July 7th.


The current society has different interpretations of the technology boom such as blockchain and AI. For some people, these may be difficult puzzles or incomprehensible worlds, but there are many physical and logical connections between people and technology, and they are not lonely islands.


On these topics, the well-known crypto artist Ting Song has used various vehicles for artistic expression such as images, words, codes and theatrical performances, which contain her many years of technical experiments and artistic creation practices.


In 2022, her solo exhibition at LATITUDE Gallery in New York will focus on the theme of "Physical for Digital", exploring past, present and future art forms in different ways from the perspectives of crypto algorithms, blockchain technology, and the relationship between people and AI. Some of the works on the exhibition shelves apply the method of "symmetric encryption", the image itself is the key.


We hope to share the valuable observations and thoughts of the artist with the public through this special exhibition, and we also hope that the audience will gain some unexpected experiences from the tech world.