Red Thread

November 17 - December 31, 2023
Press Release

LATITUDE Gallery is pleased to announce Red Thread, a group show co-curated by the gallery and Anne-Laure Lemaitre, opening November 17th.

What makes a community? How does one define themselves as part of an heterogeneous body singled under an overarching label? Can we find belonging in an era as interconnected yet disconnected as our present times? What does it mean to be an artist, and participate in the definition of a field as broad as ours may nowadays be?

As linked as we may be online, grasping one another’s reality through a curated lens focused on achievement and recognition amongst our peers and beyond, the question of how we creatively dialogue, collaborate, acknowledge each other as part of a nucleus the contours of which we can’t always perceive is in perpetual need of reinvention. How do we nurture communality beyond our direct connections in a community as disparate and plural as ours, in which we both believe we know one another so well, yet have permanently so much to discover, learn and share? 

Red Thread is a small show that attempts at playfully minding the gap between eclectic practices and universes at the convergence of two visions: a gallery’s and a curator’s. 

A red thread can be interpreted as a core idea or theme. It’s also a symbol of happiness and good luck to come. By asking a series of artists selected from each of their networks to integrate a red thread as connecting point, whether metaphorically or physically between their pieces, Latitude Gallery and curator Anne-Laure Lemaitre seek to build a space in which both their worlds can meet and become one, 

We belong to a single field, and work towards similar goals. Yet, we too often approach the endeavor as solitary when it comes to the act of making within itself. Red Thread is not a show pretending to be revolutionary or wildly novel. It simply offers a space for artists to wonder how to incorporate a common element within their art, while considering its presence throughout an entire show. In doing so, it celebrates our kindredship despite our idiosyncrasies. and unfolds an expanse in which happy accidents, coincidences, dissonances, differences or similarities can coexist and meet, in all simplicity.


Red Thread includes works by Christina Barrera, Amy Bravo, CARO, Alexandra Hammond, Yirui Jia, Xian Kim, Jean Lee, Pol Morton, Ellie Kayu Ng,  Luján Pérez Hernández, Jacqueline Qiu, Mariana Rodriguez Dal Pra, Jessica Wee, Lily Wong, Yukine Yanagi.